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Foaming at the Mouth - Edition 2

April 10, 2024

Let’s continue the conversation about EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam, better known as “Styrofoam” 


EPS foam is a great choice to protect your cold chain shipments of food and pharma/bio products, as well as cushion your delicate products. I concluded my first blog by promising you facts and figures in support of EPS foam.  


FACT:  Plastilite wants your EPS foam packaging waste!!!! 


Yes, please send it or bring it back to our Omaha facility! For folks that are not local to Omaha, here is information on recycling. 


We want your EPS foam for recycling! Our publicity has worked well locally, as our eight collection bags/bins in front of our warehouse building are constantly full with EPS foam waste. From there, we densify the EPS foam parts. Then, we ship truckloads of the densified material to a manufacturer that creates new, recycled content materials. That’s what I call sustainable and eco-friendly!!  


FIGURES:  In 2023, Plastilite densified and sent 180 tons of EPS foam waste for recycling!!


That’s right….180 TONS of EPS foam waste kept out of the landfill!! This was a mix of our internal scrap foam, foam collected from Omaha area residents, and from regional businesses partnered with us to recycle their EPS foam waste. EPS foam is around 98% air, so 360,000 lbs. of foam is a lot of landfill space saved. And this recycled plastic contributes to the economy as new products. 


A couple more facts before I let you go….

- Plastilite cares! We care about the environment, sustainability, and recycling. The figures above prove it.  We don’t just talk, we act!

- The EPS foam industry cares!  Plastilite is not the only EPS manufacturer that wants your EPS foam waste. Our industry wants your EPS foam back for recycling.


Here is a link to our EPS industry website where a multitude of locations around the country are ready to “take it back”.  


Plastilite and the EPS Industry appreciate your efforts to Bring it Back!


Please watch for next month’s blog where I will continue our conversation with more facts, figures, and good news about EPS foam! 


Until next time,

Greg Montgomery


Office:  402-884-4290