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Foaming at the Mouth - Introducing our Blog

March 4, 2024

Let’s start a conversation about EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam, better known as “Styrofoam”  


This blog will discuss protective packaging, cold chain packaging, eco-friendly packaging, science, statistics, facts and figures.  No blowing smoke here!  My goal to clear the air of EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam misconceptions.  And to spread the good word on why EPS foam is still the smart choice to protect all types of products.  These range from fragile items to frozen foods to life-saving pharmaceuticals.  


Some know who I am from business with Plastilite/Integritemp.  Thank you for your continued business, and for making the good choice to use proven, economical, and eco-friendly EPS foam!  For those who do not, here is a little background on me: 


- Just hit 30 years with Plastilite Corp.
- Lovin’ every year of my time at Plastilite!
- Satisfaction comes when my products and designs successfully protect your products!
- I don’t push square pegs into round holes.  I will let you know when we are not a good fit to help.
- My “hats” include Sales, Consulting, Design, Thermal Testing, Customer Service, and more. My favorite is the Problem Solver hat!  Bring me a challenge!


Some background on Plastilite:  


- Established 1958 and still growing strong!
- Molding EPS foam since the industry was born.
- Appreciate all business from small to medium to large customers.
- Offering custom and stock solutions.


And perhaps the most critical point:  No one needs to apologize for protecting their products with EPS Foam Packaging!!! 


Smoke blown around business, society, and government is clouding the judgment of what qualifies as efficient, economical, effective, and yes, eco-friendly packaging!  


My next few blogs will share information about EPS and how it is an unapologetic smart choice to integrate into your protective packaging.  And in the case of current customers, to continue to use and to benefit from EPS foam.  


Come back to visit my next blog when I will share facts and figures about EPS to show you why it is a smart choice for your packaging. 


I look forward to continuing this conversation with you!  And if at any time you feel I am “blowing smoke” please connect with me.  I can address your questions directly with the promised statistics, facts, and figures. 


Until next time,

Greg Montgomery


Office:  402-884-4290